Bio Energy Life Water System

Electrofast Water Purification System is a 6-step filter process combined with advanced technology to give you better and cleaner daily water consumption. It removes unwanted chemicals from the pipe, breaks down water molecules and neutralizes water PH. The filtered water will improve your general health and enhance your metabolism rate.

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Step 1

Filter solid, dust, and dirt from tanks & pipes.


Step 2

Filter colours, smell, chlorine, germs, organic compounds and chemical.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filter & High Grade Sand

Step 3

Filter metals, radioactive substances, harmful chemicals and pesticides.

A Grade Activated Carbon Block & Finest Activated Carbons

Step 4

Replaces hard ion (e.g. magnesium and calcium) with softer ions (e.g. sodium and potassium) Softened water decreases water heating costs.

Soften Water: Mineral Stone

Step 5

Breaks down water molecule cluster, making absorption easier.

Bio Ceramic with Magnetizer

Step 6

Adjusts water to optimum alkaline level, increases calcium ions, ionizes water and increases oxygen content in water.

High Density Carbon Blocks