Electrofast manufacturing


Electrofast Manufacturing

Malaysia’s Best Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water

Water Filter

Bio Energy Life Water System

Electrofast Water Purification System is a 6-step filter process combined with advanced technology to give you better and cleaner daily water consumption. It removes unwanted chemicals from the pipe, breaks down water molecules and neutralizes water PH.

Vacuum Cleaners

Wet & dry blow functions

Electrofast manufactures a wide range of vacuum cleaner products with different functionality – including wet and dry blow. Our multiple layer of dust filtration ensures that our vacuums not only suck up dust and dirt on the floor, it also purifies the surrounding air. Our vacuum cleaner is easy to operate, light-weight, and it gets the work done!

Plastic Diverter

Easy to install & use

Plastic Diverter used for water filter purifiers of 1/4″ tube that connects directly to kitchen faucets