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Water Purifier

Malaysia’s Best Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water

Bio Energy Life Water System

Electrofast Water Purification Water System is an advanced Energy converter with high-technology combined filter giving you better, cleaner, purer water for your daily consumption. It also breaks water molecule clusters into-sjllaller clusters for easier absorption by our body’s cells. Most important, it will improve all transfer of nutrients and helps to enhance our metabolism.

Six Filtration System

Filter A: Ceramic

Remove dust, dirt, sediment, suspended solid, foreign material from old tanks & pipes.

Filter B: Sand

Remove residual chlorine, colours, unpleasant odours, THMS detergents, organic compounds and chemical. Contain silver carbon which removes germs.

Filter C : Carbon

Removes heavy metals, radioactive substances, harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Filter D: Stones

Replaces hard ion like magnesium and calcium which contains in hard water with softer ions like sodium and potassium. Softened water saves on water heating costs

Filter E: Ceramic

Breaks down water molecule cluster into smaller cluster, making it easier for the body to absorb the water.

Filter F: Blocks

Adjust water to optimum mild alkaline level, increases calcium ions, magazines & ionizes water and increase waters oxygen content